2 = nice, handsome [handsomer -comp., handsomest -sup.], beautiful, lovely [lovelier - comp., loveliest -sup.], pretty, comely [comelier -comp., comeliest -sup.].
Ex. One time he showed me a photograph in an art book of a woman's bare breasts and said 'Nice tits, uh?'.
Ex. All these novels are about young women meeting handsome men, at first disliking them and then discovering that they love them, with the inescapable 'happy ending' which means matrimony in these cases.
Ex. The store was gutted and rebuilt, according to his specifications, into a beautiful, modern facility, decorated in vibrant hues and furnished with the latest Herman Miller offerings.
Ex. The article 'Lovely idea, but unlovely pricing' criticizes the pricing level of a new service aimed at research scientists in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies.
Ex. The article is entitled 'Virtual reality: tomorrow's information system, or just another pretty interface?'.
Ex. He went in the tavern wearing an eye patch, crying 'ahoy, matey!' and eying the comely wenches.
* bonita suma = princely sum.
* chica bonita y tonta = bimbo.
* nada bonito = unlovely.
* poner bonito = get + the rough edge of + Posesivo + tongue.
* ser bonito + Verbo = be neat to + Verbo.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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